Personalized Photo Bracelet

If you're tired of boring, regular bracelets that don't hold any meaning — our Personalized Photo Bracelet is for you!
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Color:  White/Gold
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Our bracelet is carefully composed using high quality rope, paired with a pendant of titanium steel.

Product Care

Our Personalized Photo Bracelet can withstand water, although we do not recommend swimming or showering with it.

Fully immersing it in water can damage the photo inside.

Your Own Photo Inside

Simply upload your favorite photo of that special someone!

Immortalize That Special Someone

Keep your loved ones close to your heart!

30 Days Return Policy

If you are not satisfied, you get your money back!

Immortalize That Special Someone

A custom bracelet for you to immortalize that special someone that you hold close to your heart.

May it be a deceased family member, pet, a special moment, or just something that you wish to hold close to your heart.

Your Own Photo Inside

Each bracelet that we make has a custom picture inside it.
Simply upload your favorite photo of that special someone and let our skilled artisans immortalize that image into your very own customized, durable bracelet!

Keep your loved ones close to your heart!

Heartwarming Gift

Our custom photo bracelet is the perfect heartwarming gift that is sure to bring a tear to their eye.

 Love Bracelet is a great gift for any occasion. It could be a birthday, anniversary or maybe even the passing of a loved one.

We're all about cherishing memories!